Best Christmas Gifts For Home Owners That Are Simple, Easy, Everyone will Love

It’s no surprise that new home owners are everywhere (even in this crazy housing market). To get them something special to have in their new place is such a thoughtful thing to do.

We reviewed and asked multiple new home owners what they wish they would have gotten and what they loved that they got as gifts.

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In a rush? See our top 3 Christmas gifts.

Housewarming Gifts Top 3
1. Small Plants
2. Ring System

3. Glass Tupperware

The Best Christmas Gifts

It can be hard to give a gift to someone who has everything. Consider some of these for personalized touches and for fun and unique gift ideas.

Practical Christmas Gift Ideas

1. A Year of Amazon Prime

Being a new homeowner or having your own place for the first time can mean lots of new expenses. Let them enjoy themselves by gifting a year of Amazon Prime.

Benefits of Amazon Prime:

-Free 2 day shipping (even same day delivery for some items)

-Amazon Prime Video (hello binge watching Rings of Power)

-Free photo storage, kindle ebooks

-Stream Amazon music, connect to your Alexa or google devices easily

2. Welcome Mat

welcome mat as a housewarming gift

You could be the best gifter when it comes to Christmas parties if you take a welcome mat. But not just any make sure you go for a neutral or personalized welcome mat to make the homeowner feel special and seen.

3. Charcuterie Board

givng simple gifts like a charcuterie board as a housewarming gift

These charcuterie boards are becoming so popular that you can’t go wrong. Not only do they come with a great cheese board, most come with little utensils that the new homeowner can use for multiple foods.

4. Glassware

one of the best and most common housewarming gifts is glass cups

Don’t just give a set of plain old cups, no no. Do it right and gift them a luxury set of glassware that they can use to entertain their guest for years to come.

5. Keurig Coffee Machine

best christmas gift, best housewarming gift, you can't go wrong with a keurig

Find out if your homeowner is a coffee drinker? Chances are they could go for saving money right now, give them the gift of having fine coffee at home with a Keurig machine.

6. Decanter Set

If your homeowner friend is not into coffee maybe you know they like things a little harder (on the rocks). This decanter set is nice, looks elegant and makes your friends know you can have fun and still be sophisticated (or trashed whatever right). you just need to supply the alcohol.

7. Small Plant With Vase

Keeping it practical is what this section is all about. Having a small plant that doesn’t need a lot of attention is the way to go because you never know what a persons green thumb (or lack of ) is like

8. Iron Skillet

This specific iron skillet can also be grouped with the luxury items that are up next. But I had to add it with the practical items because everyone deserves and needs an iron skillet.

9. Knife Set

Kitchen items are always a go to staple when it comes to housewarming gifts. Make sure you give a knife set like this one to really show you care.

Stainless steal and long lasting knife set.

10. Wooden Spoons

housewarming gift ideas like wooden spoon set

No more gifting plastics please. Give your friends and loved ones and neighbors some wooden utensils (like these) and see how many times they invite you over for dinner (trust).

11. Cookware Set

I think you knew this was coming up next. This cookware set has so maaaaaaany 5 star reviews I had to add it to this list of housewarming items.

It’s all stainless steal cookware too.

Luxury Christmas Gifts

12. Watch Box

Do you know if they have a lot of accessories. Sometimes people who seem to have everything still need a little of something. That something is a watch box.

Not only is it a luxury gift to give, it also helps them keep something valuable in place and organized.

13. Wine Rack

How cool is this mini wine rack, not only can they place it anywhere in their home. Its made from bamboo making it very sturdy.

14. Glass Water Filter Pitcher

This glass filtered pitcher is so beautiful and makes for a great housewarming gift for someone who may seem to have it all. I think they would love the simple style and how it can be matched with any home design.

15. Golf Set

luxury housewarming gift that is a little extra but a nice touch a set of golf clubs

If you are going to go with a golf set please make sure you know the person actually golfs (or intends to start). My husband would literally marry anyone who gifted him a golf set lol.

16. Kitchen Aid Mixer

A kitchen aid mixer is a staple in every kitchen, however they’re more on the pricey side, so gifting one would give you brownie points literally.

17. Glass Tupperware

Not a lot of people put in thought to their food storage containers. Which is why you’re going above and beyond by bringing this housewarming gift.

18. Decorative Plates

best housewarming gift ideas: decorative plates as decor items

I think this is a great way to give both utensils and these decorate plates can also be used as decor.

19. Art Piece

It doesn’t have to be large art to be great art. However this piece right here has been seen in many homes recently making it a must have gift to give.

20. Ring System

This is the final product under the luxury list, although it’s not top of mind when you think lux, it is peace of mind and nothing is more lux than that.

Unique Christmas Gifts

21. Personalized Last Name Sign

How cool are these personalized items. You can’t beat a last name sign that they could essentially put up anywhere in their home.

22. Shelving Units

Honestly don’t even be shy giving this as a gift. Shelving units are hard to come by. Normalize giving these are gifts.

23. Floating Shelves

Similar to shelving units, floating shelves can be used in any room (I have mine in my kitchen for spices).

24. Money Tree

Have you watched Atypical on Netflix yet? Give them a money tree and be like Paige from Atypical (smart and kind).

25. Sage

In my family when someone moves into a new home my mom is the one to do a cleansing. but gifting sage is a great way to cleanse a home and make it more peaceful for a new family moving in.

26. Himalayan Salt Lamp

I know you’ve seen these, you probably have a Himalayan salt lamp in your room right now huh. Why not gift it as well.

27. Seed Sprout Kit

housewarming gift for new homeowners who have everything a seed sprouting kit

If you haven’t seen this before, now if your chance to order yourself and your friend a seed sprouting kit.

28. Bottle Opener

you can find the bottle opener here.

29. Wind Chimes

How cool are these wind chimes, natural and wooden.

30. Wine Cork Holder

How cute is this display of corks. You can find the wine cork holder here.

31. This Is Us Family Sign

If rustic and farm house style items are in your new homeowners stride. The this is us family sign is right up there alley.

32. Rechargeable Wine Opener

You can get a lot done (a lot of drinking that is) with this rechargeable wine opener.

Housewarming Gift Ideas For Couples

33. Rice Cooker

I feel like this is your standard housewarming gift that you give every couple. So yes a rice cooker made the list.

This particular one is large and perfect for large families.

34. Throw Blankets

This is actually my favorite gift to give a new home owner. Because you can use a throw blanket for warmth and for decoration.

35. Wall Art

I want to show you a variety of wall art that you can choose from. Go here for that.

36. Candle Set

Nothing says welcome home like a familiar smell, gift these candle sets for the perfect housewarming gift.

37. Mr & Mrs Apron Set

How cute would this be to gift a couple.

38. Matching Key Chain

Having a new place means having a new key. Gift them a keychain that both the couple can use.

39. Home Hero Kitchen Utensil Set

This product is all the couple will need in their new home to welcome their kitchen. You can get the Home Hero set here.

40. Matching Mugs

I think this is cute and not lame. You can see different sets of matching mugs here.

41. Planters Outdoor

An outdoor planter is a a great housewarming gift as it can give the new homies a way to decorate that they didn’t think of before.

42. Indoor Ceramic Planter

Not only can an indoor ceramic planter make a home look more lux, it is gift that is perfect for single and couples.

43. Echo Dot

Find out if they have one of these, chances are they will need multiple ones to have all around the house. You can get the echo dot fourth gen right here.

44. Bose Speaker

The Bose Speaker is honestly one of my favorite things to gift. I received it as a gift and love it. I take it everywhere with me, picnics, beach dates, or just in the shower.

45. Bar Kit

Get the gift that keeps on giving. The bar kit is perfect for couples who love to entertain.

46. Grill Set

If your couple likes to entertain and they now have a nice yard to do so in. Getting a grill set may be the way to go.

47. Tool Kit

Most homeowners will not have a tool kit, and they may find themselves needing one in order to do small fixes around their new place.

48. Drill Gun

If you give a drill gun as a gift, I hope you know you can also give this digital Power Tools Pro Guide ebook as a gift as well.

49. Kitchen Towels

A beautiful set of kitchen towels can go a long way in a new home. Making it feel more like home.

Funny Christmas Gift Ideas (white elephant ideas)

50. Light Bulbs

This is great as a gag gift but also its so damn useful because when you move into a new home (sometimes) you need to update the lights.

51. Shot Roulette Game

If you give this gift, make sure to include a little letter that lets them know when you’re available to drink lol.

51. Can’t Wait To Poop Candle

As a gag gift, this is perfect. The “I can’t wait to poop in your new toilet” candle is so funny.

53. Funny Kitchen Towels

How cute are these funny kitchen towels. If your homies are into this type of punny stuff you need to get it.

54. Cravings Box

Not your average house warming gift. This cravings box is perfect if the new place is empty and they’ll need a little pick me up.

55. Cookie Gift Basket

Similar to the cravings box, this cookie gift basket will make them smile and laugh with joy.

56. Funny Oven Mit

Why does this oven mit radiate bad b*tch energy. Because it just does.

57. Cursing Coasters

Last on our list is this hilarious set of coasters. Perfect for the funny home owner who also wants to protect their tables.

I hope you found something that you can get for that new home owner. If you loved an item, let me know down below to move it up in our suggestion list.

57 home christmas gift ideas for diy tool crafter
57 insanely awesome gifts to give to a home owner

57 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Home Owners

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