Beautiful flocked Christmas trees that you’ll want in your home this year

Now you can have one of the Best flocked christmas trees on the market. This year the flocked Christmas tree is one that is making a come back and you’ll see it in many homes. Not only is it a classic timeless tree it also adds a magical touch. Which is what the holidays are all about.

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Flocked Christmas Tree Meaning

When talking about flocking, or flocked Christmas tree’s it just means to make it look natural like snow has fallen on the tree using a white powdery mixture on the pines and branches.

In a hurry? See our top 3 choices for flocked Christmas trees

Flocked Christmas TreeQuick Review
1. Snow Flocked Artificial Xmas Tree
1. 7.5 ft tall, comes prelit with warm white lights
2. Senjie Artificial Flocked Xmas Tree
2. Comes in 5 / 6/ 7 feet variations. No lights
3. Pretex Flocked Christmas Tree
3. 6.4 feet tall with stand, no lights, affordable and fire resistant

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1. GoPlus Flocked Xmas Tree

one of the best and affordable flocked christmas trees

The GoPlus flocked christmas tree is sturdy tall and looks real. It has over 600 branch tips and snow flocked leaves making it look full and lively, and making it easy to hang lots of ornaments. It is also around 10.5 lbs. making it easy to move around where you need it. Comes in 3 sections for easy building and clean up.

Store in dry container or box and the flocked snow will last you a long time.

This exact model is an unlit tree, you will need to purchase your own lights for it.

Size: 6 ft

What we love: comes with a metal stand and its made of environment-friendly and non-flammable PVC material

2. BestChoice Flocked Christmas Tree

The bestchoice brand flocked Christmas tree is really beautiful. It comes with 550 prelit lights and comes with metal stand and hinges.

This brand is a little higher in the price range but if you take care of this tree (this is the one we’ve had for over 10 years) the flocked snow will stay and the lights will work. You might occasionally need to change out a small bulb.

Size: 7.5 ft, 90 inches in height with stand

What we love: this brand has different sized xmas trees ranging from 4 feet to 9 feet (without base)

3. Senjie Artifical Flocked Christmas Tree

The Senjie Christmas tree is one of our favorites because it is super full and has almost no gaps. Meaning you can hang so many ornaments on this thing. Does not come with lights.

Size: comes in different sizes (from 5 feet to 7 feet)

What we love: The full ness and the fact that if you store this in a dry location you can keep this tree for many many years to come without the flock falling off.

Includes: 1 stand, 3 screws and 3 large branches to hook up together

4. Prextex 6 Foot Flocked Christmas Tree

The flocked christmas tree by Prextex is a little skinner than the rest but it makes up for it in the flocked snow design. The snow is light and looks fluffy making it look pretty realistic and beautiful.

This tree does not comes with lights, it is not prelit.

Size: 6.4 with stand on

What we love: when you take it out the box, it is easy to assemble. Just fluff and move the branches. (flocked snow will fall off have vacuum ready)

5. BestChoice Pencil Flocked Christmas Tree

Pencil Flocked Christmas tree‘s are perfect if you have a smaller space that needs filling or you just love the look of the pencil Christmas tree. What’s great about this pencil christmas tree is that the branches are very full and make it look nice and full.

this item you can purchase separately but it makes cleaning up this tree 10x easier.

This tree does not comes with lights. It is not prelit.

Size: two options 6 ft and 7 ft

What we love: even though it is a slim tree, the branches are not weak. You can hang heavy glass or wooden ornaments easily.

6. BestChoice Partial Flocked Christmas Tree

Another bestchoice brand Christmas tree, this one is beautiful and looks more natural with the partial snow flocking on the branches. if you’re looking for a more natural looking flocked chrsitmas tree this is the one to go with. Don’t argue.

It also comes pre-decorated with pine cones. Making it look natural. Does not come prelit.

Size: 7.5 feet with stand

What we love: the natural look

Now that you’ve seen the top 6 choices for best flocked Christmas tree which one are you going to go with? Let me know in the comments below.

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the best snow flocked christmas trees

6 Best Flocked Christmas Trees This Year

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