Ideas On How To Decorate Your Blank Walls In Your Living Room

If you are in the process of decorating your living room walls you found yourself the only post you’ll need. Get your ideas flowing and inspiration for you can decorate your living room walls.

From family portaits to abstract art – I’ll even cover different design elements and styles so you can find your match and play around to it.

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Before You Start

Learn your style and what you like. This means look at the pieces in your living room how will this wall help those elements or distract from those elements.

Living Room Decor Staples To Have
1. Frames
2. Paint Samples
3. Plants

What Is The Easiest Way To Decorate A Living Room Wall?

The easiest way to decorate a living room wall is to work with what you already have. If you have a large piece of art use that, if you have built-ins decorate them with small items.

What Should I Do With My Blank Wall?

You can do many things with your blank wall including painting, adding art, galleries or your own unique twist to a blank wall.

Ready to see the ideas we have for your blank wall?


1. Accent Wall

Painting your blank walls a different color than the surrounding walls is one of the easiest ways to update it and make it a feature wall in your home.

If you’re thinking of going with paint consider getting paint samples delivered to your door. They’re 2 coated paint samples meaning they are true to color and they can stick and remove from any wall making it easy to test how it will look.

Right now the hottest color samples are:

2. Wall Paper

Similar to the accent wall a blank wall can be transformed with some wall paper. Wall paper is such a hot trend right now. You can find this peel and stick chevron pattern right here on Amazon.

3. Peel N Stick Murals

If you want to really do something feature worthy a mural is one that you can do. This is similar to the wall paper it just has a more complex pattern color theory to it. You can check out these mural type wall papers.

Build It

4. Shelves

You don’t have to cover your wall up with paint or wall paper if you don’t or can’t. This design here is renter friendly and beautiful. Have some shelves and style them with the rule of three or with some small art, books etc..

If you want to add shelves do yourself a favor and go look at the shelving store, seriously (if you use my code: SAVE10NOW you get 10% off your shelving needs)

5. Built-Ins

If you have built-ins consider keeping them and making that wall an accent wall with design. If you don’t have any consider making them by using a circular saw to cut your wood and making them to the exact design of your wall.

Built-ins are not just for closets, consider making a built-in to add depth and dimension to a room.

6. Floating Shelves

wall with two floating shelves with different colored books on them. Simple way to enhance a blank wall by adding floating shelves or shelving units

Just like shelving units you can add floating shelves like these ones to your wall and style them accordingly. What I love about shelves is that you can change out the items to match holidays, themes, parties or anything when you’re in the mood for it.

7. Tile Wall

The tile wall isn’t just for your bathroom. This new trend is hitting everywhere and it is one we are all for. No more brick wall or faux brick walls. It is all about the tile wall. What do you think of this one?


8. Wall Plants

Real life wall plants that can go up and just make a mini little garden on the inside. I’m not even kidding this is something we’re going to be seeing a lot coming this year.

If you’re not convinced, you can add a floating shelf and add your plants, look for ones that hang down to cover more of your wall.

9. Hanging Plants

Adding a few different hangers on your ceiling and then adding your plants will make your wall pop. Make some of them hang low while others hang higher up. Giving your wall the illusion of depth making the space look larger.

You can grab this 5 pack of macrame plant hangers that will make your space just perfect. Bringing the outdoor elements inside is a trend that is staying for a while.


10. Gallery Wall

If you know a family, you might have seen this in their home. It is a great way to fill up a large wall or even a small one and make a statement. You can showcase different moments in your life. Or use art in the gallery of frames to place in your gallery wall.

Try these beautiful black picture frames for your gallery wall.

11. Large Paintings

Nothing says you know design and decor quite like having a large painting taking up space on a wall. Most people make the mistake of having small art work in their living room making the space actually feel smaller and cheap. Adding large paintings or large art on your wall will give the illusion of larger space and a more lux look.

12. Painted Mural

Just like a peel and stick mural you can and should consider painting your own mural on your wall. This would make it uniquely yours and a fun weekend project.

13. Adding Sculptures

Have you considered adding sculptures to your blank wall? Having them sit right outside the wall maybe on a pillar, on a desk, on an end table. This can add a lot of fun art talk but remember if you have kids keep it safe and if its a heavy sculpture you might want to anchor it to the wall.


14. Mirrors

Is your blank living room wall missing something? It could be a mirror. Mirrors are the portal of light and can make a room look larger and feel more open. Consider adding one opposite to the window to really that light shine through.

These are my go to round mirrors to break up the square or rectangle rooms, and these are my favorite large mirrors that are easy to put up.

15. Baskets

I know you’ve seen every minimalist and maximist style these woven baskets on their walls. If you’re home is in instagram feed look (you know what I mean (white, wooden tones, hiding everything with baskets) this look will go perfectly.

16. Plates

To take it up a notch with the basket wall a plate wall will do wonders. You want to style these higher than usual and make sure to use sturdy hooks to keep them in place. Want the ones pictured? you can get them here.

17. Shiplap

Shiplap is still in style my friends and I don’t think this trend is going away for some time. The great thing about shiplap is that you can make patterns, keep it simple and even paint or place them half way up your wall. The possibilities are endless.

18. Macrame Wall

use macrame woven art to decorate your living room wall to take it from boring to fun

Consider adding one or a few of these to your blank wall to make a real focal point in your room.


19. Giant Calendar Painted On Wall

Make a real statement piece and remember important events by making a giant calendar wall, where every month you get to switch out the dates and add a little month to month decor.

20. Giant White Board On Wall

Similar to the calander you can add a giant white board to your wall, think old school class rooms with giagantic almost wall to floor white boards.

When the creativity strikes you can draw, add appointments, literally anything.

21. Cork Board Wall

A cork board I feel is such a young thing to have in your home. It reminds me of college. You can add some family pictures to your cork board, reminders and all type of items. You can even get really cute pins to add your items.

22. Your TV

how to decorate your living room wall with your tv

You guys take it back to the simple times and add that floating tv up on your wall. It super easy to reroute the wiring on your wall and move it up to keep the wires out of place.

23. Command Center Wall

If you want to encompass all these functionality ideas (and yes, you can do it with style don’t worry). Consider doing a command center wall.

With kids in school, a household to run, work agendas and family and friends birthdays to remember. A command center wall can help you do it all. Organize it to fit your family and see how easy it will make your day to day life.

Now you have 23 brilliant ideas that can make any boring plain wall into something amazing, simple or elegant. Choosing what style and thing you want to go with is all up to you. Hope you found some inspiration for your next project.

I’d love to hear what you’re going to do with your wall? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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23 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Living Room Walls

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