Affordable Paint Samples That Don’t Require Any Extra Work

How to get paint samples for cheap if you are planning on painting soon and the wall of colors at your hardware store is starting to blend together. I have the perfect solutions that will help you imagine and get the perfect paint color for any room.

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Why You’ll Want To Do This

Your standard paint sample and paint brush are long done my friend, I am going to show you a much easier way to truly see what a color will look like in your home.

Most paint companies can’t afford to sell you their paint samples in small quantities and charge anywhere from $5-13 for a small bucket.

This is why most paint samples are thinned down. In doing so when you paint your wall you are going to see a different color than the one you actually go and purchase.

And purchasing a wrong color is expensive and once a custom color is mixed you cannot return it.


The solution that I found that works for every single room, and all types of lighting is to get stickers or paint from Samplize.

Samplize specializes in sending people paint samples that are true to their color. They paint each sample with two coats of paint and send you a 12″X12″ paint sticker that you can place on your wall and see exactly how it will look.

Which Paint Brands Does Samplize Have?

Not only is choosing different colors the fun part, moving the sticker of double coated paint from samplize will give you a true to color experience. So you don’t order the wrong paint and waste time or money.

Sherwin Williams

This brand is known everywhere and samplize has their collection ready for you to choose from. See Sherwin Williams paint samples from Samplize

They also work with

Benjamin Moore

See the collection of colors from Benjamin Moore here.


See the collection of colors from PPG here.

Farrow & Ball

See the collection of colors from Farrow & Ball from Samplize here.

These four brands each have thousands of different paint colors, once you choose one you can then order directly from Samplize and they will send you out your sample.

How Much Do Paint Samples Cost?

Depending on the brand of sample you are getting a paint sample can range in cost from $6-$13. Some brands will cost even more just for a paint sample.

How To Get Paint For Free or Cheaper Than Normal

In doing many DIY’s around the house I found a few different ways to get paint samples for cheap.

1. Go to your local recycling / hazardous waste area

Many times if you just need a sample, you can find full cans of paint in your local recycling area. And more than not the people there will let you take it for free.

2. The mistints in your hardware store

If you shop at Lowe’s or Home Deport or any big chain hardware store they will have a section in the paint area for mistints.

These are paints that the employee entered the wrong color combo, or paint that was mixed incorrectly for the customer. These will be extremely discounted and most times you can score a whole can of it for a fraction of the price.


You can get the perfect paint sample from Samplize, without lifting a finger or having to paint. Not only does this help you really see the color that you are choosing it will save you time and money by not choosing the incorrect color based on a bad sample from the store.

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how to get paint samples for cheap

How To Get Paint Samples For Cheap

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