How to make an address plaque | Easy DIY

My mailperson asked me if we were going to be painting the numbers on our sidewalk soon because we had no other way to identify our house number.

It’s actually dangerous not having your numbers properly displayed. ex: if you need to have an ambulance or something go to your home and they can’t find it even with GPS.

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wood plank / address plateHammer
numbersDrill gun
paint or stain*Screws

How To Make An Address Plate

The address plate I made was only $13 not counting the stain because I already had it. The first thing you will need is to gather all your material and tools to get this project done.

I purchased a precut address plate for super cheap.

Want to watch the quick TikTok on how I made this address plate? You can check it out here or keep reading.

1. Drill holes

To make it easy you can measure with a measuring tape and getting your drill holes in the right place. Or you can do what I did (when you can’t find a measuring tape) and do the tape method.

Tape Method: using a scrap piece of tape – mark the center and then drill your hole over the tape. Then move that piece of tape to the other side and drill again.

2. Paint or Stain

The only reason I painted my address plaque is because my house is a light yellow with white trim and you wouldn’t be able to see it. Plus I live in a sunny sunny location and I didn’t want to blind anyone lol

So I stained it with cherry Mahogany stain (or redwood mahogany stain) it’s this one if your curious.

3. Hammer Your Numbers

Most address numbers will come with two small nails, they are super easy to place on your address plaque.

4. Put it up

And once it is screwed in or hung up however you decide to place it. Step back, look at it and be happy that you just made an affordable and super cute address plaque.

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How to make an address plaque EASY DIY

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