Kitchen gadgets to make cooking, cleaning, and being in your kitchen easier

Ready for these cool kitchen gadgets to use everyday and make your life so much easier while in the kitchen?

Let’s get right to it.

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In a rush, see our top 3 cool kitchen gadgets to use everyday editor favorites

Favorite GadgetsQuick Review
1. Echo Show (2nd gen)
Look up recipes, watch tutorials, add items to your grocery list all from one device
2. Electric Kitchen Scrubber

5 in 1 brush head set, scrub with ease and save time washing, cleaning and picking up your kitchen
3. Dish Drying Rack

Large, rust proof and 2-tier perfect for your dishes to dry

For your food

1. Garlic Press Rocker

Are you like me? Do you have to put garlic in almost every meal? This garlic press makes it easy to mince your garlic (multiple cloves at a time.)

2. Mueller Pro-Series Cutter

If you want to keep your kitchen clean, using this pro-series cutter for a cutting board for your veggies is the way to go.

3. Snap N Strain Silicone

The snap n strain kitchen gizmo is one that I actually use very often. Mostly because we eat a lot of pasta lol.

4. Meat Chopper Handle

When it comes to making your life easier this meat chopper is it.

5. Electric Salt N Pepper Shaker

I think this is one thing you need to buy for yourself and also for friends and family. It’s just the perfect kitchen gadget for those who love to cook.

6. Oil Sprayer

I love that this oil sprayer comes with a funnel and a cleaning straw to make the transition from oil bottles into this sprayer easier.

7. Rotary Cheese Grater

This interchangeable rotary cheese grater can go through veggies, fruits and give you so many different options of chopping, spaghetti and cuts.

8. Chef’n Cob Corn Stripper

If you love fresh corn and are tired of cutting it off. This fast corn stripper is the kitchen gadget of the year.

9. Apple Slicer

When we say there is a gadget for everything we really mean it. This apple slicer is the perfect size for small – medium apples and will give you the perfect slices to pack those kids lunch.

10. Omelet Maker

You know when you go to a hotel and they make the perfect omelets at their continental breakfast. Well this is how you can get a five star omelet in your home with this simple omelet maker.

11. Herb Scissors

These herb scissors are perfect for adding fresh herbs to any meal. And it comes with a cleaning comb that makes clean up a breeze.

12. Chicken Breast Shredder

Maybe your like me and shredding chicken with your hands is just gross lol – using this chicken breast shredder can avoid that. BUT you can also use it for much more than just shredding chicken. You can use it for all types of meats.

For Kitchen Use

13. Fridge Liners

Do you have kids, do they just make a mess everywhere. Same. Using these fridge liners will at least keep your fridge clean.

14. Electric Jar Opener

Use a drill gun and put this on your cabinets so you never lose your can opener again.

15. Echo Show 8 (2nd gen)

Do you constantly forget what the recipe is. Do you have to take the box out of the trash can to re-read the instructions? You need this Echo Show if you said yes to those things.

You can look up recipes, watch youtube tutorials on how to make something. Even ask Alexa to add items to your grocery list. All from your kitchen

16. Chef Kitchen Utensils

33 piece silicone base utensils, the perfect kitchen gadget to have you cooking in style and making things non stick.

17. Kitchen Multi-Tool

Need a one and done tool that can blend food, froth drinks, open wine, whisk, measure and so much more.

18. Cocktail Mixer

If you know power tools, you know that Black N Decker makes powerful tools. Now they’re making this cocktail mixer and the reviews on this thing are gold.

19. Magnetic Measuring Spoons

Stainless steel, comes with a leveler. These magnetic measuring spoons are a kitchen gadget must-have.

20. Milk Frother Mini

This mini milk frother is one of the most affordable frothers that are perfect for coffees, milkshakes and hot chocolate.

21. Kitchen Scrub Brush

This 5-in-1 brush set is the perfect kitchen gadget for those who prefer to wash by hand. You can also clean your countertops with this. and use on your appliances to get a good shine.

22. Phone Stand

When you need to place your phone somewhere safe, can easily watch it for recipe videos and more. This phone stand is perfect. Also acts a Bluetooth speaker.

23. Whisk Tongs

Ever wish you could use tongs and then turn around with the same item and whisk your mashed taters? Now you can. These whisk tongs are a two in one unique kitchen gadget.

24. Vampire Garlic Crusher

This is so very cute and perfect to take out during the fall season. The vampire garlic crusher can do more than just crush garlic you can use it for chiles, ginger and so much more.

25. Salad Chopper

Don’t be fooled by the name salad chopper this thing can cut through meat as well like nobody’s business.

26. Cutting Board with Defrosting Tray

A defrosting tray is a must have in any kitchen, especially when dinner time rolls around and you forgot to set the chicken out. To add in cutting board along with it, you can’t pass this up.

27. Watermelon Slicer

This watermelon slicer and melon baller are the perfect kitchen gadget for any fruit lovers.

28. Hard Boiled Egg Slicer

This hardboiled egg slicer, can slice your veggies, fruits and hardboiled eggs into the perfect size every time. No more guess work or different sized slices.

29. Herb Stripper

This herb stripper is not only really cute, it can save you time stripping your herbs.

Now that we’ve gone through 29 fun and creative kitchen gadgets that you need in your kitchen, let us know which was your favorite.

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