This years Christmas gift guide for dads who love to DIY.

We gathered up what we think are the best gifts any dad will want this year. From power tools for the DIY dad to home gifts for your every day relaxing dad.

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In a rush? See the top 4 gifts others are buying their dads for Christmas:

Power Tool GiftElectronic GiftClothing GiftHome Gift
1. Universal Drill Bit
2. Bose Speaker3. Jogger Pants
4. Bbq Tools

This list will be broken down into different sections:

  1. Power tools and hardware
  2. Electronics
  3. Clothing
  4. Home gifts

The Best Power Tool Gifts For Christmas

1. Universal Drill Bit

The universal drill bit is a great tool to have when you can’t find the right drill bit you need. And if your dad (or partner) is anything like mine, they can never find the drill bit they need.

2. Dewalt Drill Gun Set

one of the best fathers day gift ideas this fathers day 2021

They probably already have a drill gun, but do they have the Dewalt Drill Gun Set? You can never have to many drill guns because you honestly use them for every single project it feels like.

Get them one that will last through the years.

3. Makita Circular Saw

This power tool is perfect for the retired dad, the outdoors dad and the dad that loves to do DIY at home. If this is a power tool they haven’t used before make sure you show them this post first.

4. Detail Sander

a detail sander is the best gift for father's day

For every project or job your dad wants to do a small detail sander will come in handy.

You can view our top 12 detail sanders or just go with our number one choice (pstt.. it’s this one here)

The Best Electronic Gifts For Christmas For Dads

5. Wireless Phone Charger

Is your pop pop always on their phone? Complaining that their battery is draining? This is the gift for them. A wireless phone charge will work with different types of phones. Make sure you get the correct one for their phone.

6. Tablet

Tablet’s are not just for the Alpha generation (you know tablet babies). Get your dad (or husband) one of these, they can play games, video chat, and do work all in one location.

7. Bose Speaker

The Bose Speaker is what I got my dad (shh don’t tell him). This little thing is loud. It packs a punch and connects to your devices easily via bluetooth.

It even has built in Alexa from Amazon.

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8. Ring Alarm System

The Ring Alarm is a perfect gift for the dad who wants to know what is going on (the nosey dad). I think this might be the best fathers day gift ideas on this whole list.

The Best Clothing Gift Ideas For Christmas For Dads

Look no further the next 4 things will make any dads day to find wrapped up (or even straight out the amazon box)

9. Jogger Pants

best fathers day gifts this year for clothing joggers

Is this dad in need of sweat pants update? These joggers are affordable, comfortable and perfect for any size dad to relax and feel stylish.

10. House Slippers

Nothing says I love you more than house slippers for dad. Why? Well they show your person (dad, husband, uncle, etc..) that their relaxation at home matters to you and idk I think that’s lovely.

11. Light Jacket

How stylish and affordable is this jacket. I feel like you can pair it with anything they own and it would look perfect. It also helps keep them fresh for these summer months to come.

12. The Dad Shirt

It may be a little corny but we think this shirt is super adorable and the dad in your life will just love it as a father’s day gift. Plus we had to go with a shirt that mentioned power tools.

Home Items For Christmas

13. Recliner

Are you even a dad if you don’t have a recliner where you can just ‘rest your eyes for a second’ we all know they’re asleep the second they sit down.

14. Patio Chairs

These are just beautiful and we love them, we try to mention these patio chairs in like everything we talk about because they are just that cool. Your father in your life needs it. Trust.

15. Bbq Tools

The grill master is usually a dad. So get the father that loves to grill a new set of bbq tools. They will thank you with a hamburger (so yeah, you’ll want to grab this one)

16. Therapeutica Pillows

Is it just me or does every dad have like back problems, or neck problems. Like bro, here’s a therapeutic pillow that will help you rest better and help with those issues.

With these 16 Christmas gift ideas the dads in your life are sure to feel loved, blessed and like total rock stars. Is there a gift that you love that we didn’t mention?

Let us know in the comments below.

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16 christmas gift ideas for dads who love diy
get the dads in your life what they really want for christmas with two people sitting down exchanging gifts
16 brilliant Christmas gifts for dads who love DIY

The Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Dads This Year

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