Christmas table runners that make your table stand out and look perfect this holiday season

This holiday season is the one where you have the best Christmas table runner, that matches your decor, inspires your family and just pulls your table together in a look so perfect that we bring back image only pics on Instagram.

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In a hurry take a look at our top 3 table runner choices for Christmas.

TABLE RUNNERQuick Overview
1. Christmas Red Table Runner
1. Size: 14 x 72 inches. Material: 100% flax linen
2. Burlap Table Runner For Xmas
2. Size : 12 x 108 inches. Burlap material
3. Joy table Runner
3. Size: 13×72 inches. Durable burlap

19 Christmas Table Runners That Can Be Used All Holiday Long

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1. Christmas Red Table Runner

best christmas table runner to use for all holiday occasions

This table runner is perfect for that original christmas look. With the Christmas red and simple design it is a classic to have around.

What we like: It is machine washable making it easy to clean up if anyone gets cranberry sauce on it.

Size: 14 x 72 inches

Material: 100% European Flax Linen

2. Holiday Pine Cones

holiday table runner for different home decor ideas

This table runner is such a simple yet cute holiday table runner. Making it perfect if you are decorating with the Christmas greens, whites or going neutral for the holidays.

What we like: It is wrinkle resistant.

Size: 14 x 112

Material: 90% polyester and 10% linen

3. Sequin Mesh Xmas Table Runner

At first glance you may be like what is this. But the sequin mesh xmas table runner is perfect to get the attention at your Christmas table and add that texture if you aren’t styling your table with to many items.

What we like: This comes in two different colors gold and white.

Size: 16x 120 (larger than most)

Material: 50% Polyester 50% Pvc

4. Burlap Table Runner For Christmas

The burlap table runner for Christmas made the top 3 choices because it is so versatile that it can be used for almost any holiday making it one to keep around and pull out when needed.

What we like: It’s the perfect decor for any table literally.

Size: 12x 108

Material: 100% nature jute burlap

5. Buffalo Check Table Runner

The Buffalo Check table runner is a little smaller than most but wider.

Size: It ranges from 14X72 inches. This is perfect for a smaller table you want to decorate.

Material: It is also made of 100% cotton.

6. Santa’s Workshop Table Runner

The Santa’s Workshop table runner is very cute and great if you are having a themed party. It can also be used on a dessert table or a table with gifts.

Size: 14 X 72 inches


7. Metallic Holiday Table Runner

The metallic holiday table runner is as great if you are having farm house decor, gold accents in your holiday decor or snowflake like items around.

What we love: It can go with so many different styled homes and interiors that you can’t go wrong using it.

Size; 14 x 72 inches

Material: 100% cotton

8. White Christmas Holiday Runner

This table runner is is what you call a white Christmas table runner. It is effortless and can make your other items on the table shine.

What we love: simple elegant and very christmasy

Size: 13x 90 (you can also order in smaller sizes for different tables)

Material: 100% cotton

9. Joy Burlap Table Runner

This table runner is made from burlap and has the word joy on it making it the perfect table runner to display on a friends or family gathering.

Size: 13x 72 inches

Material: Burlap

10. Merry & Bright

The Merry & Bright checkered table runner is super adorable. I think its one of our favorites.

What we love about it: It is easily machine washable, even with the lettering.

Size: 13 x 72 inches

Material: 100% polyster

11. Candy Beaded Table Runner

Is this candy beaded table runner on the pricier side of table runners? Yes it is. Worth it? 100%

What we love: damp clean only, meaning no washing machine, easy to clean

Size: 36 inches long

Material: 85% Glass Beads 15% Polyester

12. Sequenced Rhinestone

one of the best table runners for holidays like Christmas

This table runner is super fancy, depending on what and how you want to decorate your table, this rhinestone diamond table runner may be for you.

What we love; You can get a set of similar place mats with this runner

Size: 13 x 98 inches

Material: high quality silky texture floss with delicate sequined rhinestone.

13. Fennco Style Runner For Christmas

If you want something a little wider than what I’ve been showing you. This is the table runner for you.

What we love: comes in multiple sizes for different tables.

Size: 16 x 68 inches (brand also makes 16 x 105 for longer tables)

Material: 100% polyster

14. Two Pack Checkered

two pack of Christmas table runners for any occasion

Need a few different but similar styled table runners? You can check out the two pack here.

What we love: inexpensive and you can decorate it up

Size: 13 x72 inches

Material: Cotton 80%and linen 20%

15. Hemstitched Table Runner

Need this a little more simple and stylish? Then you’ll want to grab the hemstitched table runner.

Size: 12 x 72 inches

Material:  100% polyester, Texture clear, it’s easy to take care of.

16. Christmas Gnome Runner

This whimsical gnome christmas table runner is perfect. That’s all I got to say about that.

Size; 13 x 72 inches

Material: Linen

17. Christmas Tree Table Runner

You can find the christmas tree table runner here.

Size: 13 x 90 inches

Material: linen

18. Vintage Antique Christmas Table Runner

This table runner is amazing. The vintage vibes from this – will inspire a traditional Christmas and a vintage look to admire.

Size; 13 x 90 inches

Material: Tapestry/needlepoint style made with sturdy woven fabric

19. Forest Reindeer Table Runner

This modern take on the table runner is great is you have a lot of blue hues in your decor.

Size: 90 inches long

Material:  mixed Cotton Linen

There you have it 19 Christmas table runners that are so perfect for your table, I know you will find one that is long enough, cute enough and just perfect for your holiday and home. Let me know in the comments below which one was your favorite.

19 festive christmas table runners for your holiday activities

19 Best Christmas Table Runners

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