Quick Ways To Clean Very Dirty Tile Flooring In Your Bathroom

In this post were going to be talking about how to clean dirty bathroom tile floors; the tile and the grout to make it look like new again. This is especially great if the area you are cleaning gets a lot of foot traffic, hasn’t been cleaned in a while (or ever). These tips work.

On fathers day weekend we had a party for my dad whose birthday lands on that holiday every few years. So our guest bathroom saw a lot of foot work and got really dirty really quick. (outside party, kids, drunks, old people = dirty bathroom) So I got to work and cleaned it up and I used the methods below.

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Materials Needed To Clean Bathroom Tiles

Depending which type of tile you have in your bathroom you might need a different solution of product to get it clean.

For all types of tiles (ceramic, vinyl)
Bucket & Mop
Scrub Mommy Scrubber

How Do You Remove Ingrained Dirt On Floor Tiles?

To remove ingrained dirt from your tile flooring you’ll want to make sure you have a scrubber and some dish soap on hand to manually scrub. After scrubbing you’ll go through with a water rag and wipe down the tile. Then finish by drying it with another rag.

If this is something you can’t do, you can also have a scrubber mop and dish soap to help you remove the ingrained dirt.

The dish soap will act as a lifting agent and bring the ingrained dirt forward making it easier to wipe away after you have added the dish soap and water.

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How Do You Remove Tough Stains From Bathroom Tiles?

You can remove tough stains from bathroom tiles by using vinegar and dish soap if you want to really lift different stains out of the tile. You can also use a tile steamer after the initial cleaning to really make the bathroom floors look like new.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Tile Floors?

The best way to clean tiles floors is to sweep daily and then mop with soap and warm water weekly to keep your bathroom tiles looking great.

If you haven’t been able to clean your tile floors in a while you can also use the vinegar method down below to see how to remove the toughest stains without harsh chemicals.

How To Clean Bathroom Tile Floors With Vinegar

Using vinegar with warm water can go a long way when it comes to removing tough stains and dirt on your bathroom tile floors.

Water & Vinegar Step by Step Instructions

1. First sweep the tile floor

sweeping your bathroom tiles before mopping is the first step to getting your dirty floors ready to be cleaned. In this image we see a hand touching a swiffer to fix the swiffer towel that is attached to the swiffer broom

Making sure to remove all big debris and dust from the ground. After sweeping grab your bucket and vinegar. During your sweep make sure to move your trash can, rugs, towels and anything that you have on the floor to get the dirt out.

2. Mix 1/2 cup vinegar with a gallon warm water

Grab your bucket, fill with a gallon of warm water (you can grab it from your shower) and then mix 1/2 cup of vinegar to the bucket.

3. Use a mop to soak in the bucket and start mopping

image shows a bucket that has soap spuds with a mop that is half way inside the bucket

You can start going side to side or up and down. Get it nice and soaked as well as give any stains a good scrub with the mop.

Pro Tip
If you notice that your water starts to get very dirty. Run your mop under water in your bathtub until it is clean again. The mop is the one holding all the dirt. So let it run out and then continue with your solution.

4. Go over areas with sponge

Once you have mopped the tiles, you can go over any areas with a sponge. Just dip the sponge in a vinegar and water solution.

If your water is really dirty after mopping, toss it out and create a smaller bucket for your sponge.

Pro Tip
Do you have super stubborn stains on your bathroom tiles? Sprinkle baking soda with water on your floors 10 minutes before doing these steps!

5. Let it air dry

You’ll want to let the floors air dry and then you can go ahead and walk in and see how amazing they look now.

How often to clean tile floors in bathroom?

You should aim to sweep your tile floors in your bathroom at least 2x a week. You should also try to mop and let it air dry every week to keep them clean.

Bathrooms get a lot of foot traffic and sand and dirt can break down the tiles or scratch it. To keep your floors safe and clean a weekly cleaning is best.

How to clean grout in bathroom tiles?

The best way we have found to clean (grout that is black and was once white) is to follow the instructions above and then also go in with a scrubber like this one and add warm water and vinegar to it.

Then once you have scrubbed, in a bowl add baking soda and water until you get a thick toothpaste like consistency. Scrub that on your grout and leave it for 5-10 minutes.

Come back and wipe it away with a semi wet rag. You should see a color change almost immediately.

Now that you know our super easy 5 step method, do you have any tips that worked for you when cleaning your bathroom, or do you do it differently? Let us know in the comments below.

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How To Clean Dirty Bathroom Tile Floors

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