The Best Fourth Of July Home Decor Pieces To Style Inside & Out This Year

Fourth of July home decor is a great way to make this holiday a summer celebration that really unites us all together. The fireworks the bbq food and the friends and family all coming together. I think after this past year where we were all cooped up inside this year it’s time to plan big and really make Fourth of July a big thing.

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In a rush? See our top 3 must have pieces for this Fourth of July

1. Tiered Tray Decor

2. Garden Flag
3. Pillar Candles

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1. Fourth Of July Pillows

Let your home speak for itself with these beautiful fourth of July throw pillows.

2. Red White Blue Throw Pillows

Another set of throw pillows fourth of July themed. Use these indoor or out door with your patio furniture.

3. Fourth Of July Wooden Blocks

I don’t know what it is about wooden blocks that just make things seem to go together. If you style these in your home make sure you use the 3 rule.

You know having 3 items to a table or on a book shelf etc..

4. Fourth Of July Welcome Mat

Let the summer come all month long with this super adorable and durable Fourth Of July Welcome Mat.

5. Fourth Of July Porch Banners

Decorating a porch for a holiday is one of my favorite ways to show holiday spirit. No matter the holiday you need to add something to your porch. These 4th of July porch banners do just that.

6. American Flags Garland

This might look excessive to you but if you plan on having a party, bbq or a community gathering. Using these American Flag Garlands as decor to tie it all together.

7. Tiered Tray With Fourth Of July Wooden Decor

Tiered trays with your home decor is a staple of good and simple decorations. Use this fourth of july wooden decor to dress up any tiered tray.

8. Hanging Lights Red White Blue Stars

You can use this in your outside area and just light up the night before the fireworks do the same.

9. Star Table Runner

Need to have your table looking 5 stars (or you know 50) then this star spangled table runner is for you.

10. Fourth Of July Gnome Plush Elves

Gnomes are the cutest thing right now and they are making a come back in front lawn and inside home decorations. Get yourself a set of these little cuties and display them year after year.

11. Pleated Fan Flag

These pleated fan flags come in a set of 4 and can be used for memorial day as well as fourth of July giving you the chance to use them more than once.

12. Fourth Of July Party Decorations

Need more than just home decor, why not try these fourth of July party decorations and make any event really festive.

13. Garden Flag

Show off your holiday spirit with this super adorable garden flag. Place it in the front yard and tell people you saw them here first.

14. Throw Pillow Covers

15. Fourth of July Wreath

This is one beautiful wreath and we think it would make a great addition to our home decor for fourth of July.

16. Fire Cracker Ornament Decoration

Need something to go on your mantle? This is it the fire cracker ornament is the one. I know its a little strange but stranger things have happened before. I think its whimsical.

17. Small Wooden Sign

This is another item you can add to your tiered tray to make it pop, this small wooden sign is perfect. Or put it on the mantle as a little decoration.

18. American Flag Pillar Candles

I didn’t know I needed these until I saw them. If you are a candle person (please be a candle person) I think these American Flag Pillar Candles can be used anywhere in your home and do the right job. Making it look good.

19. Fourth of July Porch Sign

I’m telling you decorating your front porch needs to happen for every holiday. Make sure your porch game is strong with this fourth of July sign.

20. American Flag Wind Sock

This is one thing that the kids will love to look at and want to fly like a kite. Hang them in the front yard, back yard wherever a wind can come in.

21. Hanging Lights Fourth July

These decorative candle lanterns are perfect to display while the night sky is ablaze with fireworks.

22. Light Up Gnomes Patriotic

These light up gnomes are so patriotic, they would be perfect on your windows wit htheir bright little light.

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