The circular saw you need for in home projects

If you’re wondering what the best circular saws for DIY projects are or which is the best saw for small wood crafts, or even larger wood projects you’ve reached the right review. I’ve personally used all these saws and can tell you from first hand experience the specs and what to look for in each circular saw.

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ImageCircular Saw NameQuick Overview
1. Makita 5007mg Magnesium
1. best overall, easy to learn to use, easy to change blade
2. Black & Decker Cordless Saw
2. best for beginners, on the cheaper side, cordless
3. Skil 5280-01 Circular Saw3. best for precision cutting, comes with laser beam
4. Dewalt Circular w/ Electric Brake4. best high end circular saw, best for professionals
5. Porter-Cable PCE3005. best for lightweight use, easy to move around

Features To Look For In A Circular Saw


Needing the right tool for the job is an understatement. Using a quality saw can go a long way and save you major time on a project. Each circular saw mentioned in this review has been tested by me personally and they are all of high quality I wouldn’t have put them on this list otherwise.

Price Range

Somethings may not be in your budget right now but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it. Each item has a different price range due to having different features. Some saws have things like suction to reduce the amount of wood shavings, others have easier grip handles. Don’t worry I’ll go over these features and their price ranges.

Ease of Use

How easy is it to use, especially if you are beginner. This is something to look for to make sure you are working with what you can easily learn quick and work with fast to get your projects done.

Shoe Material

The shoe of a circular saw is the metal piece that sits flat on the wood and is used a guide. There is different material like steel shoe, aluminum and magnesium. Each of these metals are used in different saws for different reasons.

Top Beginner Circular Saws (for DIY Home Projects)

1. Makita 5007 Mg Magnesium

makita circular saw is good for diy projects and home projects as well as for wood working on a regular basis. Best overall small circular saw great for beginners and professionals

The Makita 5007mg magnesium is one of my favorites. It is lightweight with only 10.1 pounds. Making it easy to move around, it also has an easy grip handle. You can use it for framing walls, floors and roofs. It can use a wide range of lumber and dense engineered lumber. Let’s take a closer look at its features.

Magnesium shoe makes it super sturdyPricier than other circular saws
15 AMP industrial motor that delivers 5,800 RPMShort power cord will need an extension to be comfortable using
Built in dust blower for line of sightno laser guide
Large cutting capabilities (2-1/2 in. at 90°)
Built in L.E.D lights for line of sight
You can see real customer reviews here

2. Black & Decker Cordless Saw

This black and decker cordless saw is great for small home projects and DIY wood working. Not only is it super affordable and fits any budget, it’s backed by the Black& Decker company to provide quality work. And because its cordless its only 6 pounds making it super light weight.

Compact design coming in at only 6 poundsHard to remove or add a new blade – once you do it a few times its easier
Quiet when cuttingLow torque
Best for smaller projectsno laser guide
See current price here

3. Skil 5280-01 Circular Saw

The Skil 5280-01 not only comes with a guided laser beam it is also super affordable and made of quality material. Not battery powered or cordless but it is very strong when in use.

Guided Laser Beamsometimes laser is off center, must manually fix it
Dust blower for line of sightaffordable
15-amp motor delivers 5,300-RPM for greater speed and faster cutsno electric brake
Spindle lock for easy blade changes.
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4. Dewalt Circular Saw w/ Electric Brake

The Dewalt with electric brake is great for those projects where you need precise cuts at angles that are hard to do. It is also great with its patented 15 amp motor. Great for framing walls to cutting plywood, siding and exterior finishing. The shoe is made of steel.

Dust blower to keep line of sight freeBlade wobbles after a few uses
57-Degree beveling capacity with positive stops at 45-Degree and 22.5-DegreePricier compared to others on list
Light weight 8.8 pounds
Bevel Capacity: 57 degrees
Bevel Stops: 22.5 and 45 degrees

5. Porter Cable PCE300

The heavy duty steel shoe is one of the reasons why the Porter Cable PCE300 is so good. It is affordable and also great quality and gets the job done. If you see this circular saw for under $65 grab it no questions asked, that is a steal. It comes in at 9.5 pounds making it the second heaviest on the list but still under the 10 pound marker – adding the title lightweight to it.

It handles very well but does not have an electric brake or stop switch on the handle. So once you are done cutting you’ll need to wait a little so the blade can stop spinning before you take your eyes off of it. Also comes with the porter cable blade which is a good blade but it can fit other makes if you have any around.

Spindle lock and depth adjustment for quick adjustmentsno electric brake
45 degree max bevel you can buy a magnesium shoe and exchange it from the steel for more precision
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FAQ’s About Circular Saws

What is the best circular saw for home use?

The best overall circular saw for home use would have to go to Makita 5007mg, really you can’t go wrong with any of the 5 circular saws mentioned in this list. They are all great for DIY projects and home use.

What is the best circular saw for a beginner?

I would start off with something on the lower price range in case you don’t love it. Like trying the Porter-cable circular saw.

What is the best brand for a small saw?

If you are looking for a small circular saw the most lightweight saw on this list is the Black & Decker circular saw coming in at only 6 pounds.

Should I get a wireless or corded circular saw?

This is up to you and depends on the project you are doing. For larger projects you’ll want to go wit ha corded circular saw and for smaller home projects a wireless saw is a good option.

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5 best circular saws for diy home projects and beginners

The Best Circular Saws For DIY Projects

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