If you’re wondering how to make your mobile home look bigger like a regular house or the best Way to Remodel a Mobile Home to Look Like a House so that it can look bigger on the outside and the inside. 

You’re ready to maximize every part of your home to get the most bang for your buck and to get every inch worth the cost of your home. 

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I will break down different ways to make your mobile home look bigger on the exterior and then we’ll dive into the interior.

How to Remodel Your Mobile Home to Look Like a House (Exterior)

Here are different ways on how to modernize your mobile home so that you can increase the total size, modernize, and make it look more like a traditional home that have to do with the exterior. 

Useful Items For DIY Mobile Homes
1. RING camera
2. Rechargeable Flashlights

1. Mobile Home Doors

When you first walk into your mobile home you may notice a few things. The doors are smaller than most traditional homes. 

If you can cut out the frame and expand it to add a regular sized door you can automatically create the illusion of having a larger entrance. 

2. Your Mobile Home’s Roof and Eaves

If you take a look at your mobile homes roof is it similar to the roofs of the homes you desire your mobile home to look like? Most mobile homes will have asphalt shingles, similar to regular homes. However others might have metal roofs that make it look more ‘mobile’ like. Replacing these to asphalt shingles or other styles can help change the exterior look of your mobile home to make it look bigger and to give it that modernized regular home look. 

3. Adding Home Foundation

If you purchased a mobile home and can move it, consider adding a permanent foundation, doing so can increase the homes value, as well as make it more adjustable to look like a more traditional home.

4. Add a Garage

If you have the space or property to do so – adding a garage can increase your homes overall value, as well as give it that look of a traditional home.

5. Boost Curb Appeal

Here are a few ways to boost curb appeal to make your home appear larger and look more like a traditional home

  • If your home is on the shorter end – consider adding small flowers around the mobile home to increase appearance that it is larger.
  • Frame your windows that are on the main side of your mobile home (you know the ones that are street view) with sheer curtains.
  • Adding sheer curtains to these windows will give the illusion of depth from the outside
  • Paint your home too boost curb appeal
  • Adding trim and shutters to the windows and framing to give it a more ‘traditional’ home look and boost curb appeal

6. Window Shutters

Just like we discussed up above – adding shutters to your windows will boost curb appeal – but it also does more than that.

Adding window shutters to mobile homes can give it the appearance that the windows are larger than what they really are. This is a great illusion that helps the exterior of the mobile look look larger than what it actually is

7. Mobile Home Porch

Many mobile home come with a porch or with a sun room that is a small narrow hallway.

In order to give your exterior an increase in size or look to appear more like a traditional home. Consider expanding this porch area and adding brick underneath to make it look like an outdoor deck.

8. Adding brick around the bottom

how to make your mobile home look larger shows a double wide mobile home with brick underneath with bay and garden windows with a side garage and a front wrapping of potted plants

Adding brick around the bottom of the mobile home does a few things.

  1. It makes it look like the house is sitting on the bricks and not on a lifted mobile giving the illusion that it is cemented on the floor like a traditional home.
  2. boosts curb appeal
  3. adds value to the home
  4. can be painted to match the home or add accents

How to Remodel Your Mobile Home to Look Like a House & look larger than what it is (Interior)

how to make your mobile home look like a house and feel and look larger than what it is. Interior and exterior tips to help you love your mobile home

1. Mobile Home Walls

Wanting to change the interior of your walls in the mobile home might come as a challenge. You need to first know if the wall is a load bearing wall, meaning that it takes the load of the roof. If it does, you cannot move this wall. It would risk your home collapsing over time. However if the wall isn’t load bearing you can have it removed or replaced.

2. Mobile Home Ceilings

small changes to make your mobile home look bigger - how to make your mobile home look bigger.

A lot of ceilings in mobile homes come with the school/office like ceilings that are made out of panels. they are light weight to be able to move the mobile home. If you know you’re not going to move your mobile home – consider adding drywall sheets to your roof. Not only will it give it a more traditional looking ceiling, it is also stronger and more durable.

3. Mobile Home Trim

Adding crown molding to the interior of your rooms can make the room look finished, this adds value to your home as well as gives it that ‘traditional home’ look that many mobile home owners are going for.

You can choose to add it in larger living spaces only if you do not want to spend the budget to add crown molding in every room.

Places like the living room, kitchen and dining area – giving them a one cohesive looking interior to make the eye feel like it’s larger than what it is.

4. Mobile Home Cabinets

Using cabinets that are similar colors and sizes will also give the illusion that the home is cohesive and all flowing – it adds to the perception of open-concept.

5. Mobile Home Flooring

If you want your home to appear larger and you want to maximize your budget. I suggest doing this one thing above all others. Making the flooring all the same.

Most mobile homes will have vinyl flooring – if you can opt for wood-tile you can save money and use the same style in the kitchen, living room and rooms.

What does this do?

It makes the floor look connected everywhere – making it flow easier and giving it that illusion of grandeur.

6. Mobile Home Furniture

If your mobile home is short, or a single wide. Consider having smaller scaled furniture to give the interior a look that it is larger.

Consider adding a sofa that is a two-seater instead of 3-4. Or a tv that is smaller than your wall to make it look like the wall is larger than what it appears to be.

7. Using mirrors

A great way to maximize the look of your home to make it appear larger is to add mirrors across from windows. This low cost tip is going to save you a lot of money.

This will bounce light into the home and light makes rooms look larger. It also bounces off space from the outside to make it look larger when you are inside.

Frequently Asked Questions we get about how to make your mobile home look larger and more like a traditional home

How do I make a mobile home look nice?

You can do many things to make your mobile home look nice like adding flowers, bricks, painting the outside of the home, adding new fixtures, solar panels etc.. Things that we talked about in the curb appeal section.

Also ‘nice’ is just a perspective. If you like a certain look – go for it. It’s your home.

Could a person convert a mobile home into a ‘house’ looking home?

Yes, you can convert a mobile home into a house looking home by adding brick to the bottom, adding a porch, paining it to reflect a more stucco house, adding plants and making it have a lawn.

These are just some examples on how to make your mobile home look more like a home.

Check out how to make a room look bigger in this blog post we go over 9+ ways to make rooms look and feel bigger with interior design tips and tricks like:

  1. Adding an Area Rug to make a room flow into another
  2. Proportional Furniture when in small spaces
  3. Decluttering to keep minimal and spacious areas
  4. Curtains like sheer curtains to bring in light

How to make your mobile home look bigger on a budget?

  1. The #1 way to make your mobile home look bigger on a budget is to buy paint. A new coat of paint (especially lighter colors) will give the home a bigger feel to it. Try to keep the colors consistent or interchangeable with one or two colors inside the home to make it feel like an open concept from one room to another.

Can you tear down walls in a mobile home?

Yes and no, only if the wall is not a load bearing wall. Once you know which walls you can tear down or move you can create more space or add closets anywhere you desire.

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