The online power tool school for beginners

This is for you if you have a list of ideas for DIY’s but you don’t know how to execute them… ?

I’m Ready For Easy DIY

You’re tired of spening money hiring out, tired of waiting for your partner to get home to do the DIY for you

You have all these ideas to DIY but you keep waiting on your partner to get home because they know how to use power tools ?

You start multiple projects but once its time to use a power tool – you hand it off to someone else

You keep going over budget and each project turns into 10 side projects – overwhelmed galore

But I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault

You see DIY and home projects are wildly time consuming and Pinterest boards make it seem so easy.

Tiktok videos seem like all you need is a 15 second catchy song and you’ll have a whole new room makeover.

What you need instead is a ✨step by step plan✨ 

That will show you how to:

  • save money on renovations
  • how to execute on every project you start (so you can actually finish it)
  • how to do in a time frame that works for you and your family.

Imagine what it would be like if…

You were able to pick up a tool and use it no hesitation

You were able to finish your own visions (without waiting for your partner to get home)

You were able to save lots of money by DIYing it all

DIY and renovations were your new normal

My name is Rosaura and I show people how to DIY their dream space.

My dad was a contractor for over 30+ years and since I was old enough to hold a paint brush – I was right next to him doing anything I could.

Dragging my husband into the contractor life, we’ve done so many projects for our own home and for others.

When you work with me, I’ll be in your back pocket helping you create spaces that feel like ✨you ✨ 

Uniquely yours and so badass



Gain confidence to pick up power tools

The badass private community

Save money by DIY instead of hiring out

BONUS: the contractor budget spreadsheet

Lifetime access to all updates and bonus content

Yes I’m Ready

Case Study

How Marie Completed Her Shed In A Week

I went into the videos and did the first few modules of the course. Then I watched the tutorials on the tools I needed. 

I learned how to plan my project and for once I came in under budget when I purchased my material.

I wanted to fix my shed for months and I finally had the confidence to pick up my tools and just do it. 

-Marie S.


  • DIY Dream Space lifetime access ($555 value)

  • 1 Weekly Home Project Strategy Session ($250 value)

  • Power Tool Tutorials ($247 value)

  • Mood Board Creation Class ($77 value)

  • BONUS: Contractors Budget Spreadsheet ($17 value)

  • Planning Phase Workbook ($27 value)

  • Renovators Checklist ($19 value)


Roxana was able to remodel her kitchen on a small budget..

“I learned how to cut wood, so I used that skill to add floating shelves. I learned how to use a spray gun so I painted my cabinets, I learned how to do a mood board so I used that as inspiration.. I will go through this course each time I have a project to freshen up my skills” – Roxana R.

I’ll help you:

  • Save money without hiring out

  • Schedule projects to your timeline

  • Gain new skills to DIY like a badass

  • Stay in your budget for home projects


One Easy Payment




Do I need to know any power tools?

No, in this course, I’ll teach you the most common power tools and how they’re all you need to start and get comfortable in your DIY journey. 

I don’t want to do big renovations will this still be useful for a beginner?

Yes, you don’t have to do any home renovations. This will help you get organized, learn new skills and start DIY projects. Perfect for beginners

What if I don’t have time to renovate my home?

You can always hire your renovation out, but the truth is if you want to have a DIY home and do it on your schedule you will make the time to get it done.

What if I hate what I DIY?

That is 100% possible. The first few things you do might suck. but as you learn to do more and make more, your skills and comfort with tools will increase

What would be possible if…

You could DIY your dream space without waiting on someone, hiring out or fearing the power tools?




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