Hi welcome to Thun Improvements, an area on the internet where we came together to make you love your space.

My name is Rosaura and my husband is Teddie and we are the Thun’s. We have always loved DIY, remodel’s, and renovations.

I come from a family of contractors who taught me how to drywall, paint, and every little tip in between to make me feel inspired and happy about the space I’m in. (both mentally and literally)

When my dad meet my husband (we were teenagers) he said to him “do you know how to work? because I’m taking you to a jobsite.” Turns out my husband loved it as much as my dad did.

I want to share all our family secrets on creating, crafting and perfecting the home for you.

Whether you’re a beginner and just starting home projects or you’re a seasoned vet looking for ideas and tips – we have you covered. Check back periodically for all our new content.

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